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Providing a Range of Insurance Services in British Columbia

At Chambers Olson Ltd., we are continuously striving to provide customized insurance coverage for your various needs. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, business and home, you need to choose competent and experienced insurance brokers. Over the last 40 years of being in the industry, our main focus has been developing lasting relationships with our clients and giving them tailored insurance solutions. It is our unwavering dedication and genuine care that we give to each customer that has made us one of the preferred choices for insurance services in British Columbia. Come to us for:

Auto Insurance

Accidents happen when we least expect them. Having the right insurance coverage for your vehicle is important to help you cover the expenses of the damages caused to your vehicle. Chambers Olson Ltd. provides customized automotive insurance products. We also offer free delivery of auto insurance in the Lower Mainland.

Personal Insurance

Chambers Olson Ltd. helps you find the coverage you need for your home, rented dwelling and new construction. You can also choose from the various personal insurance packages that we have designed, keeping in mind our customers’ various needs. We also provide floating home and boat insurance plans..

Commercial Insurance

Small businesses or large, you need insurance to protect your business from unexpected risks. The insurance brokers at Chambers Olson Ltd. will help you choose the right insurance products depending on the risks your business can face. We offer insurance for businesses in the retail, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing and other sectors.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance keeps you prepared to face unexpected medical emergencies during a trip. Rely on Chambers Olson Ltd., for travel insurance, be it when you are planning to travel to another country or within the province.

Life Insurance

As daunting as it may seem to get life insurance, you will be at peace knowing that your loved ones will be financially secure. We have a range of life insurance plans that we can help you choose from taking into consideration your age, health or history and other factors.


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